Brașov – August, 2016 Please download the full press release here. The Risk Accounting method is a revolutionary new approach to quantitative risk measurement and a solution to the latest in regulatory requirements for the banking sector. It has been initially developed within JP Morgan Chase and further perfected and […]

Sinoptix is the First in the World to Implement the ...

De cele mai multe ori procesele de achiziție ale organizațiilor se bazează pe factorul uman din mai multe perspective. Un specialist în achiziții trebuie să aibă o multitudine de calități pentru ca procesele de achiziție să se desfășoare consecvent, în mod transparent și previzibil, asigurând în același timp: Satisfacția profesională […]

Economisește în procesele de achiziție!

Sinoptix SA has finalized the first implementation stage of Infinica, a high-performance Customer Communication Automation solution, at Telekom, one of Romania’s largest telecom operators. Please download the full press release here. Business Need Our client used a large number of templates for client contract generation. The challenges related to this […]

Telekom RO – the First Infinica Implementation in Romania

Despre AQ Assist Această soluție se adresează companiilor private ce derulează proiecte de investiții cu finanțare europeană. Soluția contribuie la o mai bună și mai sistematică abordare a activităților, cu posibilitatea de a le gestiona mult mai atent și de a furniza întreaga documentație necesară pentru procesele de aprobare și/sau […]

AQ Assist – Soluție de Gestiune a Achizițiilor Private cu ...

How about looking at information technology differently for a change. Forget about hardware and software licenses. Never mind programming and development time. Just think FUNCTIONALITY! FUNCTIONALITY is what your business is built upon. It’s what keeps it going. It is at the base of any growth strategy. It is what […]

We view IT differently…

Our philosophy is simple. We love to help. Finding new challenges that we can help with is what we like to do. It is about putting our capabilities to good use and make sure we consistently deliver value to the people and organizations we work with. In today’s world it […]

Our Philosophy…

We want you to be comfortable with the solution you choose, with the money you spend and with the benefits you will get. First of all, we won’t sell you anything. We will do our best to understand your business, your system infrastructure, your difficulties and your challenges. Then, only […]

Why are we different?

We are not offering to remove or replace anything from your system infrastructure unless you want us to. Our main goal is to help you reap the most benefits from what you already have invested in by making it work even better. In our view there is no perfect solution, […]

Our Approach

A relationship with us can benefit your business in the following ways: Cost effective access to high level expertise and experience acquired by working with highly demanding international clients Cost reductions and savings through operational optimization Guided, transparent and predictable purchasing experience Flexible solutions from every perspective (from technical to […]


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