Sinoptix_ServicesFrom software development to application management outsourcing, we understand our client’s needs, both at the moment of their request as well as in the long run.
Sinoptix is a fully featured software development organization offering full service software development work. We cover it all from the initial client brief, drafting the application architecture and functional specifications to building prototypes and developing a fully functional solution. Based on our experience and expertise we can bring in suggestions and new angles of looking at the final result of the project so our client can rest assured of the safety of their investment.Apart from what we develop ourselves, we have the experience of taking on solutions developed by others. We can take them under administration, provide support for them, further expand and improve them as the client needs.

Development Services with a Telecom Twist

Based on our more than 10 year telecom experience we develop operational solutions for land line or mobile operators. Our main capabilities are relevant for the area of service delivery, customer on-boarding, customer connection/disconnection etc. Our capabilities are also relevant for the utilities industry as many of the service principles apply.
Our solutions help our clients seamlessly integrate product offerings with operational delivery aspects involving back-end operations, skilled labor, equipment etc. in a way that optimizes the human and financial costs of these activities.
We can also develop any custom application as per our clients’ request using modern, open technologies and programming frameworks.

Application Management Services

In the current economic environment it makes more sense to outsource the application management activities to specialized third parties as the cost of maintaining specialized departments within the organization far exceed their actual usefulness.

Application Management (AM) is the Process of managing the Operation, Maintenance, Versioning, Upgrading and further Development of an Application throughout its Lifecycle. Application Management includes Best Practices, Techniques and Procedures essential to a deployed Application’s optimal Operation, Performance and Efficiency throughout the Enterprise and back-end IT Infrastructure.

Business Process Management (BPM)

BPM is the next best thing in business optimization approaches. While organizations became more and more aware of the importance of business information for optimally driving operations, they also realized that further automation of information use (through automatic business rules enforcement on top of tightly integrated enterprise systems) optimizes costs and increases performance with a positive impact on the bottom line.
We have extensive capabilities in the area of system integration and process orchestration that allows us to address specific client requirements in this respect. Moreover, through our partnership with Axon Ivy we can also offer affordable, flexible and proven BPM technology to our clients.