High Speed Order Processing for Publishers


“Book delivery – like an open book…”

The most difficult business problems for a publishing house are related to client order management, order and production balancing, swift delivery and invoice collection management. Current practices, manual labor intensive, are costly, prone to errors, slow and difficult to monitor and optimize.

BookLivery helps publishers optimize their client order management, packaging, labeling, shipment and invoice collections by lowering costs, improving business performance and raising profits.

BookLivery allows for:

  • Order based stock management and production provisioning
  • Client management
  • Call center integration
  • Smart, real-time reporting on stocks, sales by agent, invoiced vs. paid amounts etc.
  • Real-time reporting on delivery status of shipments
  • Integration with third party accounting solutions
  • Lightning fast automatic order processing – 120 orders/minute including: AWB number, invoice and warehouse receipt generation.
  • Working with multiple couriers

…and more

Benefits include:

  • Dramatically reduced processing time
  • Reduced time and material losses
  • Reduced operational overhead
  • Optimized, order based production management
  • Increased profitability and employee performance

This solution is best suited for publishers that have to manage large amounts of high volume orders that need to be delivered fast to multiple destinations, through multiple couriers.