Document Composition & Automation

One of the major challenges faced by telecom and utility companies is related to the ability of communicating effectively with their customers while keep the costs down. Due to the large number of customers, waste is inevitable when using mass communication means. However, these companies store huge amounts of information about their customer base in their systems, information that can be easily used for customer profiling and segmentation so that any future communication can be precisely targeted.

Targeting specific customer segments with specific information means a higher probability to generate the desired reactions such as encouraging purchase, up-sell or cross-sell additional products or services. This approach saves time and money while it has a higher success rate.

Many times companies don’t realize the full potential of communication channels they already use such as documents that they periodically send to their clients: invoices, account statements, various notifications etc. Apart from the information these documents deliver, they still have lots of empty space that can become useful for marketing campaigns or more specific client communication.

This is where we can help. Based on the technology offered by one of our partnersInfinica – we are able to significantly improve client communication.

The solution we provide allows for personalized client communication based on pre-defined templates that are dynamically populated with content, based on the information relevant to the target client segment. This way documents are assembled on the fly and delivered by any media desired, from print to e-mail to downloadable content.

Moreover, document parts are kept in a central repository so they can be updated all in one place, without the need to update countless documents individually. Watch the video below for more information about how Infinica works and about its benefits.

Telekom RO – the First Infinica Implementation in Romania

Sinoptix SA has finalized the first implementation stage of Infinica, a high-performance Customer Communication Automation solution, at Telekom, one of Romania’s largest telecom operators. Please download the full press release here. Business Need Our client used a large number of templates for client contract generation. The challenges related to this approach included: Difficulties in managing […]

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Infinica Demo

This brief demo is based on a small application built on top of the Infinica platform with the purpose of showcasing its main characteristics and benefits. Its purpose is to provide a high-level view on Infinica’s capabilities and how they can be put to work in real life scenarios.

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