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February 23, 2021
Now more than ever, the need to adapt in a business environment that is continuously changing is critical. The IT companies offering implementation and consultancy services have to to satisfy their customers’ needs, as they occur. Of course, they have to be there for their customers, provide them the best solutions, and to do it on time. And all these, while keeping their company profitable.
January 19, 2021
SC SINOPTIX SA, cu sediul în Jud. Brașov, Mun. Brașov, str. Hărmanului nr. 17E, derulează pe o perioadă de 180 zile proiectul finanțat din Granturi pentru capital de lucru acordate beneficiarilor IMM-uri cu activitate economică în unul din domeniile de activitate prevăzute în anexa nr. 2, nr. Contract M2-199 din 07.01.2021
May 7, 2020
If need be, the last few weeks have shown us that digitalisation is no longer an option, but is the only condition for organizations to be able to operate and the economy to continue to function. Instead of seeing the current situation as a crisis, we can consider it the right time to accelerate the technological process. The organizations that will be open to digitalisation will be the ones that will survive in the market and will only benefit.
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