BITSoftware and Sinoptix together to provide cloud business and communication software solutions

April 8, 2020

With the slogan "Everything in Cloud", we announce the launch of the website This happens in the context of the strategic move that BITSoftware made last year by integrating Sinoptix, a company with over 20 years of experience in delivering software solutions (CRM, contact center) and automation solutions for telecom and professional services.

“The acquisition of Sinoptix by BITSoftware allows moving Sinoptix to the next level by extending the portfolio of solutions and services and capitalizing on the experience accumulated by the Sinoptix team in the 20 years in which it has provided CRM solutions and services to the big communications companies in Romania” - Remus Cazacu - General Manager of BITSoftware

The Sinoptix website - - newly launched this week comes with a simple graphic and content form, easy to access and provide the resources needed to all customers and business partners, as well as potential customers interested in smart communication and management of customer relationships solutions.

On the website you can find:

BITSoftware and Sinoptix together deliver to customers and partners business and cloud communication solutions and the expertise and experience in development and implementation of a team of 90 professionals.
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