Digitalisation, the only option for efficiency and performance in services industry

May 7, 2020

If need be, the last few weeks have shown us that digitalisation is no longer an option, but is the only condition for organizations to be able to operate and the economy to continue to function. Instead of seeing the current situation as a crisis, we can consider it the right time to accelerate the technological process. The organizations that will be open to digitalisation will be the ones that will survive in the market and will only benefit.

In the area of ​​professional services, people are the most important and, at the same time, the most expensive resource. For these reasons, the need for software solutions to ensure rigorous management, accurate visibility on projects, but also on the costs involved, is high.

The software solutions for the professional services industry ensure, as I said, real-time visibility on the activities, on the costs involved, but also an efficient management of employees, contracts and customers. Our solutions support the process of optimizing daily activity and help you create a customized model for managing resources and customers.

How can you streamline your business operations?

Sinoptix provides solutions developed for the service industry, which helps streamline business, integrate all processes, enabling companies to manage complex projects and differentiated services.

All our solutions (CRM, Resource Management or Cloud Call Center) connect via API with any other solution (eg ERP) that your organization is already using to help you work more efficiently.

CRM & Service Management

The CRM solution allows you to monitor customer relationships, record and track sales opportunities and status, generate offers, schedule meetings, and view customer and sales history. You can easily create and manage marketing campaigns and their costs. The Service Management area allows you to track customer requirements, define and operate requests, and respond to them as quickly as possible. You can choose to receive automatic notifications for each update, bill customer requests, and track their progress with the dashboard.

Resource Management

The Resource Management solution allows proactive management of resource use, early identification of bottlenecks, accurate estimation of resource needs, improved project selection and on-time delivery.

Optimize resource utilization and project completeness in budget and timeline, always having a complete overview of all your project resources, tasks, and costs. Our innovative cloud solutions make it easy to efficiently manage projects and resources, from planning and tracking project tasks. , allocating the necessary resources and monitoring the time and resources used, to track budgets, expenditures, financial management and P&L reports. Native integration with the ERP solution, offers a complete management solution for any company operating in services.

Cloud Contact Center

The Cloud Contact / Call Center solution allows you to manage the relationship with customers and partners through a single point of contact for specific activities: information, complaints, suggestions, telephone sales, debt recovery, and more. Amazon Connect is an inbound and outbound communication management solution that offers you a unique point of contact with current and potential customers, but also with partners, to solve their requests and needs.

Sinoptix has over 20 years of experience in delivering software solutions (CRM, Contact Center) and automation for professional services and telecom. Talk to a Sinoptix consultant about your organization's needs!

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