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Amazon Connect Amazon Connect is a complete platform for managing sales, customer service, and support, all connected to help organizations work more effectively.

Cloud contact center - customer experience
Improves customer experience while reducing resolution time
Cloud contact center - automated notifications
Trigger automated notification calls in response to events
Cloud contact center - agents aviability
Send contacts to the right agent at the right time
Cloud contact center - call recording
Integrated call recording for agent performance assessment
Cloud contact center - agent productivity
Make data-driven decisions to increase agent productivity
Cloud contact center - custom integration API
API that can be used to build custom integrations


Make calls programmatically.

Schedule automated calls for appointment reminders, like doctor appointments and payment due notifications.

Ttrigger automated notification calls in response to events.


Chat as an engagement channel in your contact center.

Create chat contact flows.

Secure and encrypted chats.


Defines the customer experience with  contact center from start to finish.

Design automated contact flows that dynamically adapt to the caller experience in real-time.

Available for calls and chats.


Historical metrics reports: generate reports to analyze how your contact center has performed over a specified period of time.

Real-time metrics reports: gain insight into how your contact center is performing in real time.

Contact search - View detailed individual contact reports with the option to find and play back call recordings.

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