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Resource Management

Optimize resource usage and project completeness within the budget and timeframe, by always having a complete overview of all the resources, tasks and costs of your projects.

Our innovative cloud solutions make it easier for professionals in the services business to efficiently manage projects and resources, from planning and tracking project tasks, allocating the necessary resources and monitoring the time and resources spent, to keeping an eye on budgets, expenses, financial management and P&L reports.

Cloud contact center - automated notifications
Overview of all resources
Optimize resource usage
Cloud contact center - agents aviability
Control your planned budget
Invoice the services on time
Complete the projects in time
Reduce project costs

Resource Allocation & Management

Allocate the necessary resources to your projects in order to have the agreed man-hours/days done on time.

See what resources are available and who is over-allocated, and make adjustments to balance the workload.

When unexpected day-off of a resource affects the delivery date of your project, reallocate other resources to still be able to deliver on time.

Basic Task Management

Plan and manage your project tasks and assign them to your team members, so they always know what to do.

Allow your team members to define their own tasks and keep track of them.

Time Management

Help your team monitor work, vacation, and sick time, and adjust those hours as needed with the assistance of pre-filled time sheets.

Budgets & Expenses

Real-time analytics will help you keep and accurate view of the project progress, making it easier to identify potential red flags and make corrections on time.

Keep track of the budget consumption of all your projects and see the invoice status at a glance with visual project dashboards.


Visualize complex data to get the bigger picture at the heart of your business.

Track both the spent and allocated hours of your teams.

Track the planned and invoiced amounts of your projects.

See the invoice plan of your projects.

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